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The Minnie Hackney Community Service Center, formally operating as The Negro Service Council, was chartered in 1946 to provide recreation, education, and civic opportunities for the Black Community of Joplin and Black troops who were stationed at Camp Crowder in Neosho, Missouri.

The founding officers of MHCSC included Marion W. Dial and Melissa Cuthers. Mrs. Cuthers was also instrumental in the founding of the George Washington Carver National Monument, Ewert Park, and George Washington Carver Daycare.

During the 1940s, 1950s, & 1960s, when it was difficult for African-American travelers to find lodgings in the Joplin area, the Center served as a place to find lodging and eating options.

After segregation, the center became a place for all members of the community. MHCSC  has served the Joplin community for over 70 years, offering meeting space, civic classes, services for the elderly, and resources for the needy.

In the 1990s the Council purchased the building next door and increased the facility space. The purchase enabled The Center to have an office area and provided the opportunity to serve food daily within the building for elderly and indigent persons.

History of the Center

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Our Mission

The Membership of the Minnie Hackney Community Service Center is dedicated to restoring the building for the Joplin community. We continue to operate according to the five principles laid out by the founders in the original charter recorded in 1946:

  • To provide a forum for the teaching and discussion of world, national, and community affairs as well as subjects of cultural and educational nature. 

  • To sponsor a beneficial recreational program in the nature of "teenage" and adult club rooms, study groups, parties, and group games. 

  • To unite its members in projects of civic improvement.

  • To arrange for and sponsor the appearance in Joplin of national leaders. 

  • To render financial assistance to indigent persons. 

MHCSC  is a non profit 501c4* organization and is located at 110 South Main Street in Joplin.
For more information, please visit the Minnie Hackney Community Service Center on

the Black History Heritage Trail.



Currently the Center offers meeting space for five civic groups and two churches. We also offer programs for youth, adults, and the elderly.

Youth Programs

Tutoring, Weekly Recreation Program, Movies, Video Game Tournament Nights, Dance Classes, and Art & Educational Classes


Adult Programs

Game Nights, Workforce Training & Resources, Dance Classes, and Art & Educational Classes, Quilting for Homeless in the Community

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