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Joplin Area Black History Submissions

The Minnie Hackney Community Service Center of Joplin strives to Educate, Advocate, and Inspire. One of our current projects is collecting, preserving, and interpreting Black History in Joplin and surrounding areas.

If you have artifacts such as newspaper clippings, photographs, or first person interviews that we can use on our site, please submit digital copies here. (For now, a photo taken of the item is sufficient.) If we need further information, we will contact you with the information you provide. 

Thank you so much for helping support this project.


Submissions Form

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Please indicate which historical site for which you are providing information. If you are submitting information for more than one site, please submit different forms for each site.

To help us know how to use the information you are submitting, please provide a description of the materials you are providing. This section can also be used to enter text format information.

Do you own the rights to the materials provided?
If Yes.- Do we have your express permission to use these materials for our website, archives, and marketing purposes?
Have you received permission from the owner of the materials?
Upload Image File (jpeg,png,bmp,tif,pdfs)
Upload Document File (word,pdf,)

Please attach submission files accordingly 

Upload Image File (jpeg,png,bmp,tif,pdfs)
Upload audio File (mp3,wav)
Upload Video File (mpeg, mov, mp4)
Upload document File (pdf, doc, docx, odt, wpd, )

Thanks you for your submission

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