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Langston Hughes's parents, James Nathaniel and Carrie Mercer Langston Hughes, had a son prior to the birth of Langston. The U.S. Federal Census taken on June 5, 1900, shows that one child was born to Carrie Hughes but no children were living on the day the census was taken. The name and birthdate of this first son are unknown, but cemetery records indicate that he was an infant and was buried on February 8, 1900. The cause of death remains unknown, but a smallpox epidemic coincided with the infant’s death. Born to working class parents, the baby was buried in an unmarked grave. Eric J. Green with the Joplin Granite Company has decided to donate a beautiful gravestone to honor the brother of Langston Hughes. The date of installation is to be announced.

Fairview Cemetery 

1201 S Maiden Ln

The Brother of Langston Hughes

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The Grave of Thomas Gilyard

After the lynching of Thomas Gilyard his remains were cut down from the telephone pole and entrusted to the Joplin Undertaking Company. Gilyard was later buried in secret to avoid a mob desecrating and burning his remains. Mr. Gilyard was laid to rest at Fairview Cemetery. The city paid all expenses.

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